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Loosing hair is distressing for patients and can look different for each individual. Hair can either fall out gradually or abruptly. Normally patients will experience hair thinning over time as a result of age, stress, medication or the menopause. Whilst some may see this as an irreversible body change, there are now multiple non-surgical solutions on offer. With each patient we will need to take a different course of action, depending on the level of hair loss and other factors.

  1. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  2. Polynucleotides
  3. Calecim – Stem Cell Serum/ Exosomes
  4. AQ Advanced growth factors
  5. Led Light therapy
  6. Viviscal – Clinically proven professional grade hair growth supplements

Treatment can help stop or slow hair loss. It can also help regrow hair. The earlier treatment is started, the better it works. Non-surgical hair loss solutions may avoid the need for surgical produces like FUE or FUT hair transplants that often come with with lengthy recovery times and surgical risks. This will be discussed with Dr Bhavjit during your consultation.

PRP Treatment:

During a PRP session, we draw blood, usually from a patient’s arm. We will then spin the blood to extract plasma. Plasma is a substance found in the blood that contains platelets, which promote hair growth. We then inject the plasma into areas on the scalp affected by hair loss.

Every journey starts with a face to face consultation with Dr Bhavjit Kaur to discuss your treatment goals and concerns.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Non-surgical solution
  • Natural rejuvenation (Uses your own blood)
  • Doctor-led clinic with a holistic approach
  • Combines different treatments for the best possible results
  • Bespoke treatment plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Blood is taken from the patient. 

2. Numbing cream is applied to the face. 

3. Blood is spun and red blood cells are separated from the Platelet rich plasma. 

4. Rich platelets are extracted and prepared for injection.

Our blood is made of two main components, red blood cells, and plasma. The plasma contains monocytes and platelets and is rich in growth factors. Growth factors play the role of messengers, signalling cells to function and stimulating hair regrowth.

Withdrawing the blood may be painful for some. We do apply numbing cream to the treatment area during treatment though. You may feel some discomfort during or after treatment, but this will subside.

Most patients will initially need 3-4 treatments, once every 3-4 weeks. Then one maintenance treatment every 6-9 months.

Anyone aged 18 and over is suitable for treatment. It is particularly popular with people want to take a more natural approach to reversing hair loss.

– Balding men 

– Women experiencing hair loss 

– Women who’ve experienced hair loss or thinning hair as a result of menopause

– Post Covid Or post illness hair fall/ loss

– Post delivery (child birth) Hair fall/ loss

Dr Bhavjit Kaur

Dr Bhavjit Kaur is an Aesthetic Physician, with over 27 years of clinical experience. She is a postgraduate in Pathology, Biomedical sciences, DRCOG, DFSRH and Cosmetic Medicine.

dr bhavjit kaur