Dr Bhavjit Kaur is a skincare expert and co-owner of SkinSutra skincare products. She offers bespoke skincare consultations from her clinics and endorses The Prager Clinic’s skincare range. She uses award winning skincare of the highest quality including ZO Skin Health, Obagi, Neostrata , Skinbetter , SkinCeuticals and many others. Skincare routines should be bespoke to a patients skin goals and concerns. Improved skin health awaits you.


SkinSutra skincare has been specifically developed to maintain good skin health on a daily basis. The range fights the first signs of ageing by targeting each layer of the skin to thoroughly hydrate and repair. The range introduces an affordable clinically proven integrated mix of products that work to achieve brighter and healthier skin.

Nuchido TIME+ NAD Supplement

When it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle into your 40’s and beyond, supporting your body’s energy, stamina, and cellular health mechanisms becomes important. NAD+ supplementation can help you do this. That’s because NAD+ is responsible for many biological processes that are critical to maintaining an active life and keeping you feeling and looking like you. However, as we age, NAD+ levels fall dramatically. And as NAD+ levels fall we begin to see and feel the signs of aging. It is now possible to boost your NAD+ levels by supporting the cell’s ability to make NAD+ in an effective, efficient, and sustainable way.

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ZO Skin Health

ZO Medical and ZO Skin Health skin care ranges were developed by Dr Zein Obagi to help combat, wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation that eventually appear on our skin, with age. ZO® Skin Health provides a comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining healthy skin for anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, unique skin condition or skin type.


Obagi Medical has been specifically formulated to transform the skin from within. Obagi Medical Products result in younger, healthier looking skin. The Obagi Medial Product range helps reduce the visible signs of ageing such as fine-lines, wrinkles, melasma (dark sports), hyper-pigmentation, laxity and uneven texture.


Some of the biggest threats to your skin are often unseen. The Heliocare® range is clinically proven to protect your skin against the challenges that it experiences every day and help prevent the signs of ageing. Each product provides high-level protection against the broad spectrum of UVB and UVA radiation that’s present all year round in daylight.


Powered by the science of skincare, SkinCeuticals is a leading aesthetic skincare brand, working with world-renowned doctors, scientists and surgeons to create ground-breaking and powerful skincare formulations, such as their iconic Retinol 0.3 Treatment and C E Ferulic Serum. Each product in the SkinCeuticals portfolio has been created with a need or concern in mind, meaning that no matter whether you’re suffering from blemishes, dehydration, pigmentation or fine lines, there is a skincare routine to suit and your individual skin needs.


With pioneering technologies and through signature discoveries, NEOSTRATA have become a leader in anti-ageing skincare over the last 30 years. Using ground-breaking ingredients such as Polyhydroxy Acids, the brand have been recognised by dermatologists worldwide for their outstanding clinical studies and physician grade formulations. With attention to quality ingredients and powerful anti-ageing solutions, NEOSTRATA provide effective treatments and visible results.


Cyspera is an effective topical treatment for hyperpigmentation and helps to remove brown spots, treat pigmented marks and achieve a more even complexion. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by a number of different factors including inflammation, a change in hormone levels (e.g. contraceptive pill, pregnancy, menopause), as well as sun damage and other skin injuries. Darker skin tones are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation, especially in combination with excess sun exposure.


CALECIM® Professional is a proprietary formula developed from skin regeneration technology. Scientists have discovered how proteins derived from Cord Lining Stem Cells are able to treat symptoms of aging. These proteins direct skin cells to behave in a youthful manner by sending “Youth Messages” that encourage glycoprotein production at multiple layers and restore healthy skin function.

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